This pack contains 6 tracks (WAV & MP3 files) of uplifting, emotional and evocative music in the style of adventure/fantasy game. With an orchestral style, these tracks are perfect for cutscenes, loading screens, menus or purely game background music. Great for any setting including, adventure, fantasy, RPG and more.

All of these tracks can be looped and included in the downloadable package are the component parts needed (Intro, Loop & Ending), which is all that you will need to have the tracks played either once or looped infinitely until you chose when you want the track to end. 

We have provided each track in its full form in case you don't want to loop it and we have also added a looped version (it loops 3 times before ending) of each track so its already done for you.

The tracks are provided in .wav format, 48kHz, 32-bit as well as MP3 versions of the full and pre-looped tracks.


1. Discovery  (LOOP)  [1:18]  120 BPM

2. Ready To Go (LOOP)  [0:55]  110 BPM

3. Preparation (LOOP)  [1:16]  110 BPM

4. Almost There (LOOP)  [1:31]  110 BPM 

5. A Great Time (LOOP)  [0:37]  110 BPM

6. A Little Further (LOOP)  [2:13]  88 BPM/125BPM